About ALTR

ALTR is not misspelled, nor is it complete. Alter means change. Altar means sacred place. We believe that regenerative transformation of the planet requires a change of perspective, a commitment to collaboration, and a willingness to observe, think, and design with clear intention.



ALTR´s non-profit mission is to foster community wellness through collaborative design and ecological stewardship. ALTR works with municipalities, land owners, tourism enterprises, and Indigenous Nations on long-term planning and systems design. ALTR´s mission is accomplished through learning, engagement, and practice. We learn about needs, we engage communities, and we work systemically.



ALTR moves the conversation beyond mere sustainability towards regeneration. We believe it is possible to live within limits and to deepen and nourish connections between people and the land. What is good for one should restore and replenish the other. ALTRing systems restores and renews energy and materials, fostering community growth and abundance.

We bring our expertise and wisdom to conversations about integrating systems, reducing waste, and increasing community and ecological connectivity.